Monday, April 12, 2010

Current work available

These are probably the last large pieces i'll have before heading out of Athens. i do have some smaller boards ready to paint that i'm hoping to get around to, but frankly, i have so much to do in the next few weeks, i don't know if i'll have time to paint anything other than the Chrysanthemum mural project. So, in descending order...

1."1960", 32" X 48", $450.(sold)
2."Half-Circles",12" X 24", $175. each (there are 4)(the blue/redorange one and the green one are sold)
3."5/10", 48" X 60", $2500.
4."Wallpaper For a New United Nations", 48" X 60", $2500.
5."City 6". 36" X 72", $750.(sold)

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