Monday, May 5, 2008

4 New Paintings

These were hanging in the 5 Star Day Cafe in downtown Athens during May and June.

"Yellow" 40" X 48" $600. (Sold)

"Deep Green Sea" 32" X 48" $450. (Sold)

"June 23,1960 32" X 48" $450.

"Test Strips" 48" X 32" $450. (Sold)


Clayton Bellmor said...

I was staring at your paintings this morning while eating at 5 Star Day. Great stuff.

Anonymous said...

my favorite is June 23, 1960--i seem to remember that day--an artistic angel was born--

Purcell Toys said...

I remember having a giddy lunch, surrounded by these wonderful paintings. it is a very sweet memory for me.