Saturday, December 1, 2007

New Chrysanthemum in Town

I know you can't see it too well, but here it is on the roof of the Jittery Joe's Coffee Roasting Company on E. Broad in Athens. i chose the bottom photo because i thought it was pretty how it matched the sky and clouds. Many thanks to Charlie Mustard for his support of the arts in Athens. You can read about the Chrysanthemum Project at

Note: for all the disbelievers out there... it's true that Charlie's wife's maiden name is Pickle.

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The Carey Family said...

Do you know how hard you were to find? I've been looking for you for years!!! It's me! Jason's sister, Shannon! I'm married now and I have a baby girl! I miss you Lou! I sent you a wedding invite, but you moved and the invite was returned. HOW ARE YOU???