Monday, October 15, 2007

Bird and Cage

An old parlor trick, so i've heard.

Here are the instructions:

1.Click on the image to save to your computer, then print onto heavy card stock.
2.Cut out one image and glue it upside down onto the back of the other, then cut them both out together (don't cut out the little strings, they're just for show).When you look at it through the light, the bird should be upside down in the cage.
3.Punch holes as indicated.
4.Cut 2 pieces of heavy string about 8-10 inches long. Make a loop on the end of each string large big enough for your finger to fit through, and tie the other end through the punched holes.
5.Put the loops over your index fingers and wind up the paper by flipping it 10 or 20 times or until the strings start twisting up.
6.Pull the strings. The bird appears to be in the cage. This was waaay before television.

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